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Although Macau is not a big place, it is all delicious, from local snacks in the alleys around the St. Paul’s, to Portuguese cuisine with colonial characteristics on the outlying islands, to the high-end restaurants in the hotel, which is a mixture of local and foreign, both high and low. This feature is unique and very attractive for foodies.

In Macau, you can taste food in just one hotel. In this article, you will appreciate the food at Parisian Macau.



The famous “2019 Black Pearl Two Diamond” restaurant “LA CHINE” is located on the 6th floor of Parisian Macau. The overall tone of the restaurant is partial to metal texture, and the feeling of blending with the iron tower is unique.

The orange-flavored roasted spring duck and the yellow braised golden fish are dishes that impress and impress tourists. These dishes are powerful thanks to the chef of the restaurant.

The chef is Master Zeng Qihui who has more than 30 years of international experience in leading Chinese food kitchens. He has worked in Tokyo, New York, San Francisco and various parts of mainland China. Being good at fusing classic Chinese dishes with the taste of his hometown Malaysia is his unique label. So, here, of course you can eat a different flavor.

The most surprising is the “LA CHINE” black pearl set meal. This set of black pearl packages, if only two words are used to describe it, is “tolerant”. Because Master Zeng used it to contain the ingredients and cooking techniques of various countries, it made diners feel like a journey around the world, from France at the beginning, to China, to Thailand, and then to Japan, and then to France. End of the element.

(1) Paris Xuan exquisite three pieces

The exquisite three-piece appetizer is a trip to France and consists of crab caviar tartar, French Gilardo oysters and frozen foie gras crispy suckling pig with truffle meatballs French finger pie. The ingredients are fresh and tender, and each dish is ingenious.

For example, Frozen Foie Gras Crispy Suckling Pig with Truffle Meatballs French Finger Puffs, the creativity is very good, the top layer is crispy suckling pig, the fat is plump, the middle is foie gras, the taste is smooth, the lower half is the finger cakes, the outside is burnt Linen, just the right balance.

(2) Stewed Pigeon Soup with Black Garlic, Pueraria lobata, Rice, Flower Maw, Conch, Mushroom


Chinese stew brought taste buds to China. Stewed pigeons with good fish maw and conch head, coupled with healthy Ge Xian rice that is popular among young people nowadays, and single head black garlic for freshness, let the ingredients of this soup retain the best original flavor. There is extra layered umami. This kind of combination is just like the original set, reasonable and wonderful, which may be the secret of this soup.

(3) Stewed Sambo in Honey Black Truffle Sauce


This lively Chinese dish is composed of Jipin abalone, braised goose paw, shrimp and crispy sea cucumber. The chef uses few cooking methods to cook sea cucumbers, making them special. When eating, a bite of thick crispy sea cucumber and a bite of Italian black truffle is a wonderful combination and perfect collision; the abalone and goose paw are braised in brown sauce, which is juicy and tender, which means that the wealth is rolled in. good sign.

(4) Golden Sand Creamy Blue Lobster Ball with Fragrant Mango Grapefruit Salsa


It becomes very interesting to cook the meat of blue lobster luxuriously with salted egg yolk. It not only retains the Q bomb of lobster, but also has the pleasure of eating salted egg yolk. If you can feel the greasy taste, it is a refreshing recipe to relieve greasiness with a mouthful of Thai-style sweet and sour mango citron sand. You should know that even this small portion of fragrant mango grapefruit slush is carefully worked out. There is a peeled and pickled tomato in it. It is soaked in hawthorn juice and sliced ​​sugar for 1-2 days. The sweet and sour tomatoes with hawthorn flavor are the favorite of picky diners.

(5) Pan-fried A5 Japanese Kagoshima Wagyu Beef with Morel Sauce


The plump and juicy A5 Wagyu beef was slaughtered and frozen on the spot and shipped to Macau after the chef placed an order in Japan. Only by pursuing the ultimate in ingredients can this dish be perfectly presented on the table. It is just 5 minutes ripe, and the mouth is full of juicy and delicious as soon as the wagyu is bitten in the mouth.

(6) White Chocolate Peach


Back in Paris again, under the apple-shaped chocolate coat are fresh peaches of the season, with soft mousse and sweet and sour Sorbet ice cream, which is the successful conclusion of this “black pearl set meal”. This set of black pearl set is worth 1,299 patacas and is worth a try. After all, with the best ingredients and wonderful techniques, this set is perfectly integrated and embodied under the superb techniques of Master Zeng.


“LOTUS PALACE”, which was shortlisted in the “Black Pearl Restaurant Guide” in 2019, is located on the 3rd floor of the Parisian Hotel. The main golden color is presented as a whole. From the lobby to the private rooms, under the action of light and shadow, it looks magnificent, which is also the same as the entire Paris The style of the hotel is very similar and blends naturally.


“LOTUS PALACE” has the meaning of “Lotus” in both Chinese and English names. Visitors can see an atmospheric lotus-shaped chandelier on the ceiling of the restaurant, which is quite spectacular. To evaluate whether a Cantonese hot pot is authentic or not, it depends on whether its ingredients are fresh, not even chilled. Because fresh ingredients are the essence of a Cantonese hot pot, after all, without good ingredients, the soul will naturally cease to exist.

“LOTUS PALACE” is such a net red hot pot restaurant that pursues the ultimate in fresh ingredients. Here you can not only eat classic Cantonese hot pot but also Cantonese dim sum. Hot pot pays attention to dipping materials. Unlike most hot pot dipping materials in China, the dipping materials of Cantonese hot pot are usually light soy sauce or seafood soy sauce. This not only enhances the taste of seafood but also does not wash fish. It’s fresh and sweet, and those who are addicted to spiciness can add some millet chili to the soy sauce to taste richer.


“LOTUS PALACE” light sauce has more than 10 kinds of dipping sauces, each of which is prepared by the chef on the day, and each sauce and ingredient can experience a different taste. Needless to say, the ingredients are fresh and naturally, there are also Canadian lobster tongs, the meat is tender and soft, with an aftertaste. Fat beef is also good. The first-class Australian snowflake beef with fat to lean ratio will enter the mouth after being boiled in a pot. It is full of the rich aroma of fat beef, which is very satisfying. Finish off with peach gum stewed in the raw coconut cup and small snacks. It is a refreshing dessert that you can eat in one breath.


“LOTUS PALACE”‘s signature dishes: black caviar, oysters, frozen tofu, spicy lemon jelly, ginger, spring onion, and silver wire baked original crab claws. The black caviar oyster frozen tofu spicy lemon jelly is a refreshing appetizer. It is made with frozen tofu as the base, then the spicy lemon jelly is overdone and when paired with fresh oysters and black caviar. It is creative and not against harmony. While enjoying the fatness of oysters, it is a bit more playful. The original crab claws baked with ginger onion and silver silk are bigger than expected, and the taste, under the action of ginger onions, has a little more layers, making the meat that is easy to “chai” sweet and waxy.

3. Sally Portuguese Tart

When thinking of Macau cuisine, almost everyone thinks of Portuguese tarts the first time. Although there is “Portuguese” in the name, only Macau people know the most authentic “Portuguese tart” recipe: the tart crust is a Western-style pastry pastry, which has a crispy effect after baking; The Macau people have made a wonderful improvement, less sugar, more milk, and custard-it looks like a Hong Kong-style stewed egg, more creatively adding caramel, so that it shows a mottled dark surface, forming a Macau Portuguese The most distinctive mark of tart.

The taste of Macau’s Portuguese tarts, one thousand and one thousand, looks the same, but if you judge whether it is delicious or not, you can know the first bite! The Sally Portuguese tart in the lobby of the Parisian Hotel is a delicious food that even Beckham “sucks into the soul”. Portuguese tarts are also the upstart in the Portuguese tart world in Macau and are highly sought after by young people.

In addition to sticking to the traditional old Macau Portuguese tart recipe, at the same time only choosing the freshest ingredients every day, the seasoning ratio accurate to the gram, and strictly controlling the quality, can you know the deliciousness of “This is the taste!”

The Portuguese tarts of “Sally Portuguese Tart” cost 10 patacas each, which is cheaper than the Portuguese tarts outside Macau, but the taste is not lost at all.


The “CRYSTAL JADE LA MIAN XIAO LONG BAO” originating in Singapore is the “Bib Gourmand” recommended by the “Michelin Guide Hong Kong and Macau” for many years since 2009. The “Emerald Ramen Xiaolongbao” located in the casino on the first floor of the Parisian Hotel is more like comfort food (healing food) for all kinds of people in the casino. After all, all kinds of dramatic scenes of life are staged here. A small steamed bun and a bowl of ramen are enough to heal different people.

But in fact, you can eat a variety of traditional Chinese dishes here, such as Jiao Mo Chicken, Longjing Shrimp, Shredded Chicken Noodles, Peking Prawn Balls, Braised Lion Head, etc., all of which will fill your stomach. The most famous ones are Lanzhou Ramen and Shanghai Xiaolongbao. His Lanzhou hand-made ramen is famous because it is made by the ramen chef on the spot. The noodle soup is simmered for more than eight hours with various materials such as pork bones and Jinhua ham. The noodles are smooth and the soup is fragrant. The signature Xiaolongbao soup is overflowing with sweetness, and the production process is very delicate and complicated. The resulting Xiaolongbao looks delicate and exquisite. The skin of each Xiaolongbao must be at least 18 to 22 folds. Standard, very particular.



“MARKET BISTRO” is your choice when you are tired from playing, buying high, hungry late at night, and don’t know where to eat. Not only is the location easy to find (the location on the first floor of the hotel), but it is also open 24 hours a day. The most important thing is, It offers a variety of Cantonese and Southeast Asian dishes to meet different needs. Pho is a recommended dish here. The soup is sweet, the beef is chewy, and the rice noodles are smooth.

The restaurant at The Parisian Macao will never disappoint you. Whether it’s Fine dining like “LA CHINE”, or an Internet celebrity hot pot restaurant like “LOTUS PALACE”, or “Sali Portuguese Tart” or even The comfort food “CRYSTAL JADE LA MIAN XIAO LONG BAO” and “MARKET BISTRO”, the products of the Parisian Hotel have outstanding performance.

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