The digital miracle behind Macau hotels

The digital miracle behind Macau hotels

Compared with other cities, hotels in Macau are of their own. The magnificent European palace style, the psychedelic surrealist colors, and the magnificent ostentation have eclipsed those luxury hotel brands that were originally internationally renowned.

Although these seemingly crazy and exaggerated hotels are commonplace under the unique urban characteristics of Macau, there are many unknown digital miracles hidden behind their construction.

1. The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao

36 months

The Venetian Macao

On August 28, 2007, the inauguration of the Venetian Resort Hotel marked the official opening of the Cotai Strip in Cotai. When the hotel opened, it was the largest stand-alone hotel in Asia at the time, and the second largest building in the world. It was still the largest casino in the world. This large-scale hotel and resort with a collection of shopping centers, casinos, convention and exhibition theaters, and 3000 rooms took only 36 months from construction to completion.

1 pyramid

The Venetian Macao

In order to build this magnificent project, the Cotai Avenue in Cotai City, which was originally a sea area with reed swamps, was filled up with 3,095,000 cubic meters of sand. The 39,000 square meters of land changed from sea water to land requires enough sediment to build the largest pyramid in Egypt.

318 Olympic swimming pools

The Venetian Macao

In order to create the Las Vegas dream in Asia, more than 10,000 workers and more than 900 trucks are working at the same time during the construction period. They must not only be able to withstand the typhoon and seawater intrusion at any time, but also ensure that the construction period is completed on time. The concrete can fill 318 Olympic swimming pools.

90 Boeing 747 airliners

The Venetian Macao

Although it is called a copy of Las Vegas, it is far more than imitating. The Venetian Macao has an area that can accommodate 90 Boeing 747 airliners at the same time, which is three times the size of the Hong Kong Airport that took 6 years to build.

3 million pieces of gold leaf

The 3 million pieces of gold leaf inside the hotel, weighing 1 ton, are used as interior decorations, combined with the Italian Renaissance murals, creating a resplendent and dizzying dream for people. This decoration style has become the later decoration of many hotels in Macau. Standard.

51 gondola

The Venetian Macao

During the construction of the hotel, on one side, the groundwater poured in was continuously drained out, and on the other side, the canal water injected by the Grand Canal Shopping Center was introduced. In order to restore the city style of Venice to the greatest extent, the blue sky and white clouds above, the canal arch bridge under your feet, and the 51 gondolas on the canal provide tourists with an immersive and realistic shopping experience.

2. The 13 Hotel Macau

The 13 Hotel Macau

Louis XIII

The 13 Hotel Macau

The Thirteenth Hotel in Macau was called “Thirteen” because of the famous name of the investor at that time: Louis XIII. However, in July 2016 before the hotel was built, the prestigious Louis XIII Group encountered capital flow troubles. In 2018, it was renamed the South Shore Group. Hong Yongshi, chairman of the Louis XIII Group who was in charge of building the hotel, also withdrew from the project in 2018. I don’t know when the hotel will be renamed the South Shore?

30 Rolls-Royce Phantoms

The 13 Hotel Macau

In 2014, Hong Yongshi ordered 30 Phantoms from Rolls-Royce, used to transfer guests to and from high-end casinos and hotels in Thirteen Hotels, creating the largest single order in Rolls-Royce history. These 30 Rolls-Royce cars are all handmade and equipped with custom clocks developed by the luxury jewelry brand Graff. Two of them are additionally embedded with gold parts inside and outside for decoration, making them the most expensive in Rolls-Royce history. Phantom models.

2.48 billion HKD debt

The 13 Hotel Macau

When the time comes to 2020, the formerly “trench” and inhumane Nanan Group is urged to repay the debt of 2.4 billion Hong Kong dollars. Those 30 Rolls-Royces were sold at a low price in March last year for 24 units, cashing in 24 million yuan, but all this seems a bit of a drop in the bucket…

$7 million to build a suite

It is said that a single room in the Thirteenth Hotel cost 7 million US dollars, and each room is equipped with a private elevator and 17th century Baroque frescoes. Its smallest suite has an area of ​​185 square meters, and all rooms use 1.2 million pieces of gold leaf. However, the hotel guests said that the decoration materials of the hotel were shoddy and the so-called Baroque murals on the walls even grew mold. The so-called “Macau Versailles Palace” probably only lives in a dream!

170,000 to 2,000 yuan

At the early stage of the establishment of the Thirteenth Hotel, the price of many suites at the Thirteenth Hotel would be as high as 170,000 yuan per night before the public price announcement. With the passage of time, you can now live in the residences of various “princes and generals” for just over RMB 2,000. It can be said that the “fall” of the Thirteen Hotel is more interesting than its completion.

3. Macau Wynn Palace

Macau Wynn Palace

27 billion RMB

In Las Vegas, the Wynn Hotel is almost one of the local landmark casino hotels, while in Macau, Wynn copied this hotel and named it Wynn Palace. This resort hotel with a total investment of about 27 billion RMB has 1,706 rooms and suites, and the art exhibitions and landscape gardening in the hotel are indeed worthy of the word “Royal Palace”.

15 hotel restaurants

Macau Wynn Palace

In the Wynn Palace, there are a total of 15 hotel restaurant shops, these shops cover almost all types of dining and world flavors. From the high-end formal Fine Dinner, to the friendly and simple casual food and Michelin restaurants, you can almost taste international cuisine directly without going out of the hotel.

Flowers that change every 6 weeks

There is a large flower viewing area at the south and north entrances of the hotel. These flower art made of millions of flowers are all made by Preston Bailey. The themes of flower display in different regions are also different, and the flowers produced with great effort will be redesigned and replaced every 6 weeks.

Vase at auction price of $12.7 million

Macau Wynn Palace

The entire hotel has spent more than 6 years collecting many rare and exotic treasures from all over the world. The most representative one is the “Duke Buckler Vase” which Wynn bought for $12.7 million. This porcelain from the Jiaqing period was once owned by the collector, the third lady of the Duke of Buckler, and is a representative collection of gilt ceramic craftsmanship.

5-minute cable car ride

Macau Wynn Palace

The way to enter the Wynn Palace is also very special. In addition to the regular land access to the Wynn Palace, the hotel has a private excursion cable car, which can start from the cable car station next to the performance pool, across the performance pool of the hotel, and reach the cable car station on the 2nd floor. It is the most luxurious and noble way to reach the hotel. The whole journey takes about 5 minutes. At present, this cable car is also open to visitors other than residents free of charge.

4. Macau Morpheus Hotel

Macau Morpheus Hotel

6.5 billion RMB

The Morpheus Hotel, opened in 2008, is the legacy of the famous deconstructionist architect Zaha Hadid. The urban space and the hotel are cleverly connected in this huge single building. The hotel has a total of 770 rooms, suites and villas. It also provides various public spaces such as meeting and event venues, game rooms, lobby atriums, restaurants, spas and rooftop swimming pools. The cost is as high as 6.5 billion yuan.

Number “8”

Macau Morpheus Hotel

Taking the number 8 as the concept, the three hollow horizontal vortexes in the center of the hotel are not only distorted into eye-catching negative visual space, but also give the internal public space a sci-fi futuristic sense. This design guarantees the widest view of the interior space, and guests have the opportunity to enjoy both the hotel’s atrium and the city.

4 Paris Eiffel Towers

As the world’s first free-form high-rise network structure tower, the external grid of the hotel is not only the texture of the facade, but also the load-bearing structure of the entire building. These mesh structures of various shapes replace the traditional pillars and load-bearing walls, giving the interior space a more complete view and a high degree of flexibility. These special grids used a total of 28,000 tons of steel, enough to build 4 Paris Eiffel Towers.

28 Olympic pools

Macau Morpheus Hotel

The building with various functions has a height of 40 floors. The vertical traffic spaces on both sides are connected to the top floor on the ground floor, and they are ingeniously separated in the atrium. In order to build this chic building, a total of 70,500 square meters of reinforced concrete was used, which is equivalent to the materials used to construct 28 Olympic-standard swimming pools.

120,000 pieces of “Mona Lisa’s Smile”

Macau Morpheus Hotel

The grid-like structure is matched with a clear glass curtain wall, so that the hotel is always bathed in mild sunlight. The 48,000 square meters of special glass cut into a unique geometric shape is enough to mount 120,000 “Mona Lisa’s Smile”.

130m high sky pool

Macau Morpheus Hotel

On the top floor of Morpheus Hotel, there is a sky pool floating in the air. The pool is 130 meters high from the ground, swimming in it, as if the clouds in the sky are also within reach. There are large floor-to-ceiling glass windows on both sides of the swimming pool, and the view of the city skyline is unobstructed here.

Macau is a self-contained hotel, but there are many unknown digital miracles hidden behind its construction. This article will take you to appreciate the miracles behind these numbers and better understand the charm of Macau hotels.

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