The Parisian Macao, one of the most classic hotels in Macau

Parisian Macao

Traveling to Macau, there are beautiful scenery, more food and a sense of life. It has been said that Paris is the romantic capital, but in fact, Macau today also has such an atmosphere and elements. The Parisian Macao is now one of the most popular hotels in Macau. The tower in front of the hotel is its business card. The Parisian Macao Hotel is a luxurious and romantic experience.

Parisian Macao
Parisian Macao

1.The Parisian Macao, the overall introduction

The Parisian Macau ’s Tower is one of the must-visit places for many tourists, and the hotel and tower behind it have become the best background at this time.

Parisian Macao
The Parisian Tower in Macau

The Parisian Macao not only has the Eiffel Tower built according to the 1/2 scale of the Eiffel Tower, but step into the hotel lobby to truly feel its luxury. The most remarkable thing is the imitation of the Poseidon Fountain in Florence, Italy. It is to celebrate the wedding of Francisco, son of Cosimo and Joanna, Austria, and to show the naval achievements of Cosimo I. Parisians in Macau can now understand To its story.

Parisian Macao
The Neptune Fountain in Paris, Macau, Florence, Italy

If you compare the Parisian Macao ’s lobby to an art paradise, it ’s full of classic and modern design elements. It is said that the Neptune fountain in the center of the hall has allowed the designer team to ponder for a year, the light fountain is It took nearly 20 tons of clay to build. The top of the hall is round, and if you look closely, you can admire the frescoes of the twelve gods of Olympus in ancient Greece.

Parisian Macao
Frescoes of the Twelve Gods of Olympus, Parisian Macao

The scale of Macau hotels is definitely among the best in the world, and the Parisian Macao is one of the most classic among many hotels. Walking here seems to be in a palace full of art, with huge chandeliers shining in the entire corridor, and both sides are home to domestic and foreign luxury stores. In this environment, why not shoot a group of fashionable blockbusters?

The Parisian Macao is one of the most luxurious hotels in Macau. On both sides of the hall is the reception desk for check-in. There will be no crowds and queues at multiple work stations, and the staff here can communicate in Chinese and English. And, more importantly, the Parisian Macao has won the Golden Key Award from Meetings & Conventions.

Parisian Macao
Check-in at the Parisian Macao

The most personalized service of the Parisian Macao can be reflected during check-in and check-out. There are two reception desks in the hotel lobby square, and there is a free luggage storage desk in the north wing area of ​​this stay. If you want to For quick check-out, there will be a delivery box for quick check-out at the entrance of the floor, and you can leave by putting the room card into it. If you are a VIP customer of the hotel, you can enjoy the service of entering the VIP reception room, which has free coffee and snacks. After checking in, the staff will also send your luggage directly to the room.

2.The Parisian Macao, Champagne Suite

Parisian Macao
Parisian Champagne Suite

The Parisian Macao has a total of more than 3,000 rooms and suites. The chic Champagne Suite at the Parisian Hotel, the entire room is designed in French style. The room is mainly silver-gray and champagne-colored lights. There are mobile doors on both sides, which enrich the sense of the floor of the room. The most praise is the excellent comfort of the bedding in the bedroom. There is also a free massage machine in the room.

The modern facilities in the rooms are all available, including coffee capsules, personal safes, free wifi, and flat-screen LCD TVs with international satellite channels, so that the time spent in the hotel is no longer boring. For people who often travel with electronic devices The number of jacks in the room is very important. There are many sockets from the living room to the bedroom and bathroom, which greatly solves the problem of charging the device, and the Parisian room does not require a plug converter.

Parisian Macao
Parisian cloakroom

The cloakroom of the Parisian Champagne Suite, the oversized round mirror, a separate dressing table, soft bathrobes and other items, make-up in the morning is no longer necessary to go to the sink. Girls who love beauty, the Champagne Suite in Parisian Macao is worth having.

Parisian Macao
Parisian Restroom

The bathroom is made of off-white marble, which looks spacious and bright. Both the shower room and the bathtub are equipped with a hydro-massage function, and the shower here emits water in three directions. The toiletries used by Italian light luxury brand Roberto Cavalli are fresh and rich in fragrance. The toilet is equipped with automatic lid opening and heating cleaning functions, which is very convenient.

3.The Parisian Macao, food

1) Crystal Jade

Parisian Macao
Crystal Jade

Parisians in Macau can not only enjoy shopping, but also enjoy the food on their tongues.

Crystal Jade, a specialty food originated in Singapore, has more than 100 stores in more than 30 countries around the world. Since 2009, it has been recommended as Bib Gourmand by Michelin Guide Hong Kong and Macao every year. Enjoy this blessing.

Parisian Macao

Xiaolongbao is the signature here. Its appearance and taste are actually similar to those of Shanghai. It has a thin skin and is left with a light bite of soup. It is very rich and the meat is very fragrant. Gently lift, slowly move, open the window first, then drink soup, full of flavor, this is the real way to eat, don’t worry, it is easy to burn your mouth.

Parisian Macao
Dan Dan Ramen

From the restaurant’s name, you can know that besides Xiao Long Bao, Dan Dan Ramen is also the mainstay. Ramen noodle soup is made with pork bones, Jinhua ham and other ingredients for more than eight hours, and the ramen is also very strong.

The Parisian Macao has many restaurants with excellent reputations. Whether it is a rich buffet restaurant, a romantic Parisian restaurant, or a Royal Lotus Palace suitable for the public, it is the best choice for foodies. Recently, the very hot twelve gold kitchen series, of which Zeng Qihui is the executive chef of Chinese cuisine in Paris Xuan Restaurant.

2) French restaurant

The French restaurant is located on the third floor of the Parisian Hotel. It is open from 10 am and supports reservations. The restaurant is comfortable and has a touch of elegance, full of French style, so that you can have a feeling of being in France when dining.

You can choose either a set menu or an à la carte menu here. If you are a vegetarian, you must taste the highly recommended organic seasonal “Yuying Xinzhuyi” vegetarian menu “Green Cuisine” Vegan Menu.

Parisian Macao
Foie gras

Foie gras is one of the most classic dishes in French cuisine. The roast of foie gras is just right, and there is no fishy smell. The secret combination of matsutake mushroom and butter is added.

Parisian Macao
French Baked Snail

Among them, French baked snails and burgundy snails are airlifted from France, plus it is high-quality foods rich in high protein, low fat, and low cholesterol. It tastes fat and juicy, making people want to stop.

Parisian Macao
Beef with black pepper

Black pepper beef tenderloin is also a signature dish of a French restaurant. The steak is very large. It can be seen just by cutting a knife. It is dipped in black pepper sauce and tastes tender and tender. After using the starter and main course, don’t miss the fine desserts and order a glass of French champagne.

4.Parisian Macao, shopping

Macau has the impression that many people are a casino, but it is also a shopping paradise. Whether it is a Parisian or a Venetian Macao, here are the world’s first-line fashion luxury brands. From clothing to cosmetics, from luggage to various souvenirs, it can be said that as long as you want, here can satisfy your shopping heart.

Parisian Macao
The Parisian Macao Shopping Mall

Now that you have arrived in Paris, Macau, you must also visit this place that brings together global luxury brands. Although this is just a hotel that combines dining and shopping, you can also feel the atmosphere of romantic Paris. The Champs Elysées and Saint Honoré are the fashion indicators in Paris. Parisians in Macau can find them. , Walking here and listening to the beautiful melody ringing, will make you seem to cross the dream of Paris.

In addition to shopping, Parisians also have conference halls, special restaurants, spas, children’s theme water parks and swimming pools, fitness clubs, and Parisian theaters that can accommodate 1,200 people to watch world-class entertainment performances.

Go to the outdoor swimming pool and feel the coolness of summer. Looking at the Eiffel Tower not far away on the lounge chair by the swimming pool, this long-lost slow time is the most enjoyable. Life can be busy sometimes, but do n’t forget to treat yourself at any time.

Parisian Macao
Parisian Swimming Pool

The Venetian Hotel was built relatively early. Now that the Parisians and Venetians in Macau have been connected, tourists and hotel guests only need 10 minutes to walk from the Parisians to the Venetian following the signs. You can also walk directly to Sands City via the overpass outside the Venetian Hotel.

The Parisian Macao has both romance and luxury, with good food, beautiful scenery and shopping.If you like, you can go to the Parisian Macao to stay!


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