The Venetian Macao, choose a suitable suite

The Venetian Macao Hotel Suite

I believe that many friends who have been to Macau or want to go to Macau will be the first to think of The Venetian Macao when they choose a hotel.

After all, The Venetian Macao is a star hotel with consistent quality for more than ten years. After all, a suite of 70 square meters is a luxurious configuration that kills other hotels. After all, after leaving the room, there are many food and shopping shops to eat freely. Play arrogantly, such a hotel, who can’t be tempted?

Now, The Venetian Macao specials are finally here, not only for hotel suites but also for dining and tickets. From luxury hotel suites to black pearl restaurant food to Macau’s new artistic landmark teamLab tickets, Paris Tower tickets, gondola cruises Tickets are all discounted, up to 50% off! Half the price, good living, and fun are you really not coming?

The Venetian Macao has a wide range of room types, whether it’s for couples, family trips, parent-child trips, business trips, group building parties, there are suitable room types to bring you the most comfortable accommodation experience.

Couples travel, couples travel-Royale Deluxe Suite

If you are staying for couples or couples, we recommend the double room at The Venetian Macao. Royale Deluxe Suite and Premio Royale Suite are both good choices. The room area is 70 square meters, and the sunken living room design is spacious enough. In the world of lost two people, you can see the warmth and beauty of each other when you look back. There is a king-size bed inside the room. The bedding is also a high-quality choice of thousands of choices. The skin-friendly and comfortable level is good, allowing you to enjoy the most relaxing sleep Time. The marble bathroom is low-key and textured, with a large space, and the mirror is also extremely beautiful.

Royale Deluxe Suite Gallery

Premio Royale Suite Gallery

Business travel, traveling with friends——Bella Deluxe Suite

If it’s a business trip or an appointment with friends, then the Venetian Hotel’s twin rooms-Bella Deluxe Suite and Premio Bella Suite are the best choices. The room area is 70 square meters, and there are a separate living room and office space. , Very convenient. Premio Bella Suite is the theme design style of gondola boats. The room is ivory gold as the main tone and slowly Italian style. Bella Deluxe Suite is also the iconic gondola theme with dark solid wood and elegant fabrics. The furniture is low-key and tasteful.

Bella Deluxe Suite Gallery

Premio Bella Suite Gallery

Family trip-Famiglia Suite

The Famiglia Suite at The Venetian Macao is a Jiatong suite, which is specially prepared for families with children. The room has a king-size bed and a bunk bed for children (which can accommodate two children at the same time). There are two TVs that can meet the different viewing needs of adults and children at the same time. There are also small tents, small sofas, and child seats in the children’s area, where children can play.

The bathroom also has toiletries and a toilet for children, which is very convenient.

Famiglia Suite Gallery

Small family accommodation-Verona Deluxe Suite

The Verona Deluxe Suite is 143 square meters. The room has an open kitchen, a separate dining area, and a living room, which is very suitable for small families. End the day’s play, put aside the troubles of work and life, put down your mobile phone and computer, and cook, eat, watch TV with your family in a sufficiently spacious and well-equipped suite, or chat on the private terrace, and drink on the sofa A cup is a rare warm experience.

Verona Deluxe Suite Gallery

Multi-person business trips or family and friends travel-Rialto Deluxe Suite

The 170-square-meter Rialto Deluxe Suite is a higher version of the Verona Deluxe Suite. However, there is no kitchen and separate dining area in the room. Instead, there are two working spaces with large desks in some suites. It is suitable for multi-person business trips and relatives and friends. Traveling is also a very good choice.

Rialto Deluxe Suite Gallery

I have introduced so many, which one do you pick? Hurry up and go to the official website of the hotel to choose your favorite suite!


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