Top 10 Hotels in Macau

macau hotel

Macau is also known as a gambling city. It is a special administrative region of China, an international free port and a world tourism and leisure center. Macau is a city with very beautiful natural scenery. It is close to the South China Sea and across the sea from Hong Kong. Tourism, casinos, and hotels make up Macau, a metropolis of feasting and feasting. Here is an introduction to the top ten hotels in Macau.

1. The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao is a world-famous resort hotel. The lobby of the hotel is beautiful and magnificent, and the top surface is magnificent, which makes people feel the real Venetian feeling. Entering the promenade is the casino. The room is very spacious and the price is 1000- 3000 yuan, and there is a Michelin-starred restaurant in the hotel, which is a good place for vacation and tourism.

2. Macau Wynn Palace

Macau Wynn Palace

Macau Wynn Palace is a luxurious five-star hotel. There is a large artificial lake at the entrance. You can see fountain performances and cable cars to ride. The hotel is very beautiful, all rooms are intelligent, luxuriously decorated, clean and tidy, the price is 1500-5200 yuan.

3. Galaxy Hotel

Galaxy Hotel

Galaxy Hotel is located in the “Macau Galaxy” integrated resort city. There are 1449 suites with a price of 1100-6000 yuan. The entire resort has entertainment, shopping, and dining. The hotel rooms are clean, the environment is good, and the staff is warm and considerate. It is a good place for vacation travel.

4. Hotel Okura Macau

Galaxy Hotel

Hotel Okura Macau is located in Galaxy Resort City, a Japanese-style high-end hotel, with complete room facilities, large bathrooms, superior location, warm service attitude, and complete supporting facilities. The outdoor swimming pool is very suitable for children and the world’s largest sky surfing The pool and oasis garden, the hotel price is 1,000-15,000 yuan.

5. Four Seasons Hotel Macau

Four Seasons Hotel Macau

Four Seasons Hotel Macau is located in the center of Cotai Avenue. It has 360 suites, the price is 1000-15000 yuan, it is close to the airport, the environment is very good, the service is considerate, champagne, cakes, flowers, and Mercedes-Benz pick-up are recommended. Top hotels in Macau.

6. Studio City Hotel

Macau Wynn Palace

Studio City Hotel is one of the top ten hotels in Macau. It is a movie-themed hotel. The hotel has 1598 suites, the price is 900-3000 yuan, the room can see the Parisian Tower of The Parisian Macao, the overall style is modern and fashionable. Font type Ferris wheel.

7. Macau JW Marriott

Macau JW Marriott

Macau JW Marriott is a high-end chain five-star hotel. There are 1015 suites in the hotel, the price is 110-12000 yuan, the decoration of the hotel is noble and luxurious, the scenery outside the window is beautiful, Tianlang Taoyuan is unobstructed, and the scenery is very good during the day and night. Friends traveling with the whole family.

8. Mandarin Oriental Macau

Macau Wynn Palace

Mandarin Oriental Macau is located at No. 945, Avenida Sun Yat-sen, Macau, the newly reclaimed area of ​​Outer Harbor, where you can overlook Taipa Island and Nanwan Lake. The room price is 1500-5000 yuan. The Mandarin Oriental Macau Spa is especially recommended. There are many treatments and the whole decoration Natural and fresh.

9. Macau Morpheus Hotel

Macau JW Marriott

Macau Morpheus Hotel has a total of 772 suites, the price is 2300-11000 yuan, a very new and advanced hotel, all the rooms are automatically controlled, the hotel is like an exquisite work of art, every detail is accurately controlled, Elman Breakfast at Shanglang, the rooftop swimming pool overlooking the Macau skyline is highly recommended.

10. Grand Lisboa Hotel

Galaxy Hotel

Grand Lisboa Hotel is one of the top ten hotels in Macau. The hotel is located on the Macau peninsula. The blue sea is outside the window. The first floor of the hotel is the casino, shopping mall, Margaret egg tarts, the old street is next door, and the room size Large, luxurious, exquisite and stylish, the price is 1200-5000 yuan.


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