Top 10 luxury shopping malls to go in 2020

Nowadays, with the development of the economy, buying luxury goods is no longer the patent of a few people, but not every place can easily buy these luxury goods. Here is an inventory of the top ten luxury shopping malls in the world. I hope you will have the opportunity to shop in these places.

Top 10 luxury shopping malls in the world

  • Bahnhof-strasse, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Golden Corner of Milan, Italy
  • Avenue Montaigne, Paris, France
  • Oxford Street, London, UK
  • The Dubai Mall, UAE
  • The 5th Avenue in New York, USA
  • Avenue des Champs-Elysees, Paris, France
  • Goethe Avenue, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Pacific Place, Hong Kong, China
  • Mall of the Emirates

1.Bahnhof-strasse, Zurich, Switzerland

It is known as the richest and most expensive street in the world. Here you can find the most expensive jewellery in the finest hotels in the area, and of course the most famous Swiss watches. There is no restriction on gold trading here, and local tyrants can rest assured.

Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city, and its world-renowned luxury goods often attract countless shopaholics to pilgrimage. Huff Street in Zurich is a north-south avenue that runs from the main train station to the shore of Lake Zurich. The total length is just over one kilometer. However, the quality of this street commodity can be comparable to New York’s Fifth Avenue. The streets are lined with a variety of extremely luxurious goods, and they are a sacred place for shopping by wealthy merchants pursuing the world’s top brand.

It is said that there are rich people who flew over half of the earth to shop here. On this avenue, there are two dazzling consumer paradise of Grobbs and Jarmoli, as well as the headquarters of the five major banks known as “Zurich Elves”. The shops on both sides display luxurious goods, antique treasures, precious furs, jewellery, and fascinating French perfumes. This is the holy place for world famous brands.

But these are not the factors that attract men. You must know that Switzerland is the birthplace of famous watches. Watches are a symbol of men’s taste. The metal texture and mechanical structure are like the passion of life, which shocks every man. heart. But like the persistent pursuit of the car, a good watch is not at your fingertips. When looking at the dream of the top mechanical watch in front of you but the price is high, I am afraid that the tangle is not inferior to women.

In addition, there are more than 100 years of Vickers Sabers, almost a must-have for men. Who said that men don’t like shopping, but they haven’t reached their heart.

Zurich’s Barnhof is always considered one of the most famous shopping avenues in the world. Whether you want to buy watches, chocolates, accessories, or fashion or antiques, this is a great place to shop. Stroll in front of an assortment of merchandise, sit down for a cup of coffee, and quietly appreciate the world around you. What a wonderful shopping experience.

Most stores in Switzerland accept the euro, but the change is often the Swiss franc. It is best to spend all the Swiss francs when shopping in Switzerland, because other European countries do not accept Swiss francs. It’s also very convenient to choose to spend by credit card in Switzerland. Visitors holding EC cards or US bank cards can generally withdraw money from Swiss ATMs. In addition to Swiss francs, US dollars and euros can also be withdrawn from ATMs. However, the shops on Bahnhofstrasse are usually closed at 5pm, and the rest day is not open.

Chinese tourists who spend over 300 Swiss francs at one time in some stores can enjoy a tax refund of about 7.6%. The tax refund process requires you to go to the airport, train station or the Swiss customs you pass when you board the bus before leaving Switzerland.

2.Golden Corner of Milan, Italy

It is made up of four streets, namely Monta Napoleon Street, Spica Avenue, St. Andre Street and Borgospesso, where you can grab all the big names in the world. In summer, you can often see beautifully dressed handsome men and women flocking to the store.

In Milan, ViaMontenapoleone, viaS.Andrea, viadellaSpiga, and Borgospesso are the famous Golden Corners. They form a boxy circle like a siege. During the summer discounts, men and women with brightly-groomed dresses can often be seen standing in line at the door and then rushing into the shop to grab the scene.

The Armani Global flagship store here not only has clothing and apparel, but also furniture products designed by it. If you are a bit tired after shopping, you can take a break in the cafe in the shop and continue moving forward after the break. Other major luxury brand stores can be found here. It’s almost lunch time. Find a restaurant to fill your stomach and continue to lose money. Next, you can go to some trendy brands, and the price is much cheaper than domestic, and sometimes the domestic price is often two to three times that here.

There is also Milan’s hottest trendy concept store on Spica Avenue. In addition to selling various popular designer clothes, they also sell records and books, as well as various sneakers. It is said that this place is where fashion designers like to pick their own.

The most painful thing for men here is not just the endless world of flowery window displays, but also the terrible thing is that when a woman feels a little tired, a cute or romantic small restaurant appears, enough to rest, and then be full of spirit Embark on the journey. Men, get ready to be on duty, remember to keep smiling.

Usually from March to May and September to November each year is a large exhibition season. Milan will be very busy. Hotels, air tickets and tickets are difficult to buy. If you plan to go, you must make an appointment in advance. Shopping in the Four Corners area is within walking distance. To go further, take the subway and buses.

Although Milan’s brand-name goods are cheap, if you go to Milan after Christmas or July or August, you will encounter a year-round sale. Naturally, there are fewer styles and choices of products, and you have to grab them with others.

Milan stores usually open from 10 am to 1 pm, have a three-hour lunch break, and reopen at 4 pm. They close on Sundays. Famous brands such as Prada and Gucci have different branches in Milan, selling different goods, such as men’s and women’s clothing, leather goods are sold in different stores.

3.Avenue Montaigne, Paris, France

This is the gathering place of the world’s luxury brands. Chanel, Gucci, Dior and other luxury stores you can think of can be found here. In addition, a high-end hotel here is the foothold of many celebrities and nobles.

In fact, the truly first-class brand flagship store is not on the Champs-Elysées, but on the Montaigne Avenue which is adjacent to it. Montaigne Avenue has become a landmark of the world of luxury in Paris. It has a unique and prominent position, and can smell the nobility of fashion in a long time.

The reputation of Montaigne Avenue rises to a large extent thanks to the LVHM Group. In the past ten years, several top-level brands belonging to the LVHM Group have settled in, and other international top-level brands have also come one after another, including major brands such as Germany and the United States. The last batch of brands settled in are dedicated to creating “tailor-made” high-end fashion, and its extremely fine workmanship is seamless.

Dior’s main store, located at 30 Monta Avenue, looks like a small white palace, belonging to the eighteenth century architectural style. Exquisite leather bags and shoes are staggered in the large window. KateMoss is the poster for the image spokesperson. As a setting, she has a lot of style, and she can’t help but look at the window.

Chanel’s flagship store is at 42 on this road. Black and white will always be the main color of CHANEL. Every season, CHANEL will launch its window girls. Those girls wearing CHANEL costumes are all beautiful, some are drinking coffee in cafes, some are leisurely strolling through the shops, and the CHANEL brand is vivid and vivid.

The family of leather goods LOEWE is located at 46 Montaigne Avenue, which is also the only specialty store of LOEWE in Paris. The floor-to-ceiling windows that open to the end reveal their products, and a transparent design hangs on the transparent crystal stand, reflecting the style of a world-class leather goods family. 10th Avenue is the PRADA flagship store. It is more like a small European-style courtyard. The white fence surrounds the entire store. Although the door face is not large, the design is very elegant and chic, which makes people experience a different leisurely nature in the bustling commercial district And calm.

Maybe not every woman can gain something on this street, but as long as you walk through this street, you will be more obsessed with this dreamlike luxury feeling, this “symptom” may last for a long time, men Be prepared for a protracted war.

There are several brand-name flagship stores in Paris, each of which sells different products, so it is important to distinguish where you have what you want. For example, Chanel has 4 in Paris, located in 31rueCambon, 42avenueMontaigne, 21rueduFaubourgStHonor and 22ruedeSvres.

Not only can you discover the hinterland of the world’s top luxury goods, you can also enjoy the tempting cuisine of high-end restaurants along the street. You can choose to have lunch at RelaisPlaza on the 21st, which is a “mini-canteen” in the high fashion circle. After the night, don’t miss out on the 15th “Little White House” where the Pourcel brothers serve as food consultants for an authentic French dinner.

4.OxfordStreet, London, UK

More than 300 large malls gather here on this 1.25-mile-long street. Every year it attracts more than 30 million tourists to shop here. The traffic here is also very convenient. In addition to buying luxury goods, the quaint buildings here are also the reasons why it attracts a large number of tourists.

Oxford Street is the centre of London’s West End shopping and the busiest street in the UK. On this street less than two kilometers, there are more than 300 large shopping malls. Among them, the old department store SeIfridges gathers many top-level brands. The thoughtful British service here allows you to experience super five-star treatment.

Oxford Street is a recommended shopping street to London, England. The biggest feature of the famous brand stores on the street is not how many brands there are, but because the styles are very complete. Some top Italian brands have more complete goods in London than where they originated. Classically British Burberry is one of the most popular brands. This brand known for grid has the most styles and the most complete goods in its birthplace, and of course it is the most elegant and chic.

On Oxford Street, your focus is on clothes, shoes, and accessories. Spend the entire day sweeping the street. Basically, you won’t miss out on what you want to buy. The pleasing advantage of this area is that all the shops are next to each other, and the streets are spacious and bright, which is a paradise. The price level in London is absolutely “international”, and of course the price is not cheap. In addition, one shopping truth that cannot be subverted is “buy local products locally”, which also applies in London.

徜徉 Abandon that world-renowned university on Oxford Street! My mind is full of British spirit. In addition to seeing famous brands in old department stores and enjoying high-end services, the architectural features of the store are also a pleasing scenery. You can’t help but think of elegance.

Before men take their companions to this street, it is important to understand that Beckham and his wife Victoria love to shop on Oxford Street. This is not only a trendy place, but also a symbol of love. If you show impatient or painful feelings out of place, be careful and questioned, why not “love me like Becky loves Victoria”? !!

Shopping in London is not necessarily cheap, especially in the expensive rented area of ​​Oxford Street, which can do what you can; British shoes are worth buying, good quality and relatively cheap; July is the most concentrated discount season for British goods, including Discounts on brand-name clothing around the world, up to 50% off or even lower.

5.The Dubai Mall, UAE

In our impression, Dubai is a rich country, so can you imagine how rich the Dubai Mall, once the largest shopping center in the Middle East, is? Due to Dubai’s reputation and the fast-growing commercial trade here, Many foreign tourists make special trips here.

Dubai Mall is one of the world’s largest shopping and entertainment venues, and is a wonderful work of many shopping and leisure venues in Dubai. The newly opened Dubai Mall is planned to be Dubai’s retail, hotel and leisure hub. In fact, the Dubai Mall is amazing: 1,200 retail stores, more than 150 dining facilities, a five-star hotel, and countless leisure shops. The Dubai Mall claims to be “the world’s largest retail mall.”

Dubai Mall strives to create the largest gathering place for fashion brands, and its 440,000 square foot fashion avenue is a highlight. The attraction features an aquarium with sharks, an indoor theme park, an ice rink, and a theater that can show 22 movies simultaneously. In addition, don’t miss the world’s largest indoor gold market.

As the debt restructuring fails to lower hotel prices in the UAE, various travel activities are more attractive. More beneficially, the Chinese government approved the UAE as a destination for Chinese citizens to travel abroad on September 15 last year. Compared with the current western shopping mecca, another advantage of Dubai is that the flight from Beijing to Dubai takes only 7.5 hours, compared with 9.5 hours to Paris and 13 hours to New York.

Do you know why women love it? There is a luxurious five-star hotel in this shopping center. A few steps away is a super-large shopping center, which is an event that should make women happy. Remind men not to sleep lazily, be careful when you open the pillow you are holding, and the female partner has long left you for shopping.

Electronics are not cheap and are not recommended to buy in Dubai. The gold jewelry in Dubai can be seen, generally how much per gram + processing fees. But note that all gold in Dubai is generally 18k-22k. There is no 24k pure gold that the Chinese need, let alone 99 gold.

It is best to go to the annual Dubai Shopping Festival (January 15th to February 15th), because at this time many brand-name products are crazy discounts. Most of the discounts during the shopping festival are clothing, shoes and other products. However, the highest-end international brands are not discounted, but also much cheaper than China and the United States (after tax).

6.The 5th Avenue in New York, USA

Speaking of Fifth Avenue, the adjective that many people have thought of must be “high-grade.” In the 19th century, when this was just a village, many rich people chose to build villas here. This street is more than just a shopping street, it is also a window of American culture.

In 2006, the world ’s most expensive commercial street was ranked No. 1; Fifth Avenue is the most famous high-end commercial street in the United States. Dior, Herms, Cartier, Gucci, Versace, Chanel, Escada, retail brand A & F and other major flagship stores, gathered Nokia flagship stores And Apple Computer Store and other world-famous flagship and specialty stores of jewelry, leather goods, clothing and cosmetics. This is also the favorite shopping place for Hollywood superstars, wealthy officials in various countries, and socialites.

Luxury is the most appropriate way to describe Fifth Avenue. The first time I visited this street, I often didn’t have time to admire the carefully decorated window scenery in those famous shops, and I was already shocked by the shop’s name. LV’s largest flagship store in the world, HenriBendel specializing in 1920s clothing, Fendi loved by ladies and ladies, elegant Chanel, BergdorfGoodman mall with first-class designers … Which brand can open a store here is a world-class brand The best evidence of the field.

It is said that Fifth Avenue is a place for rich people to go. Products with a unit price of tens of thousands of dollars are definitely not rare items. Here you can find the latest new products released around the world, but I do n’t want to buy a discount.

Shopping here must hold the determination to burn money. You can buy your favorite luxury goods on Fifth Avenue and enjoy the most noble shopping experience. If you go there once, you can get out and let the girl experience the feeling of being a star. It would be nice for the men to be dedicated guardians.

It’s economical and convenient to travel through shopping areas by public transport in New York. Stores are usually open from 10 am to 7 pm. Most shops will be closed on public holidays. Visitors should calculate their shopping time.

7.Avenue des Champs-Elysees, Paris, France

Located in the central business district of France and at the junction of the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe, it is also called the Arc de Triomphe. Its eastern end is beautiful natural scenery, and its western end is a bustling commercial area, where the bustling and tranquility you want meets here. Prosperity is even mentioned in many literary works.

The bustling Champs-Elysées has always been a symbol of Parisian fashion. The broad Linyin Avenue, countless large shops on both sides of the line and shuttles from which men and women from all over the world are the highlights of the street.

Elysees in French has the meaning of the Elysium. Only at the Champs-Élysées did you really realize the artistic conception of the name, because there is no commercial street like the Champs-Élysées. A 700-meter-long tree-lined avenue is set up in such an expensive commercial area. , Also can not find the historical and cultural attractions such as the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe to the Champs Elysees charm and value. It is elegant, romantic, and gorgeous. It is a well-known bustling commercial street, and it never flows into the vulgarity of material desires.

Although there are not many first-class brand stores on the Champs-Élysées, MontBlanc, LV, etc. all set global flagship stores here. In addition to big brands, there are also some not-so-famous, personality-oriented shops opened by cutting-edge designers. They are inexpensive and very popular with fashionable young people.

In fact, it should be said that it is a happy thing to be able to walk on the Xiangjie with the female companion. Imagine that in the most beautiful promenade in the world, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and enjoy the beautiful 19th century architecture Stroll, and maybe you will get a long fragrant kiss when the setting sun shines at the end of the street.

Buying famous brands in Paris can not only buy new products not available in China, but also get much cheaper prices. The same product is equivalent to 50% or 70% off the domestic price. Every winter, France will have a nationwide sale, the start time of the sale is uniformly regulated by the government, and it varies from year to year. But the discount is basically from the end of November.

8.Goethe Avenue, Frankfurt, Germany

Here is a collection of design masterpieces, you can find the brand-name fashion released this season. However, this is not a luxury that only upper-class people can afford, and there are many good and cheap items in the neighbouring streets.

Located in the middle of Germany, it is the center of German business and manufacturing and an important international financial city. Since the Middle Ages, it has been a model city, and urban planning in many countries now uses this as a mirror. Frankfurt’s first impression is skyscrapers. Its cuteness can only be found when you walk in: strolling on the restored Romerberg; or by the river Main with various museums by the road; discovering tradition and history at Paulskirche, Or visit the cosy cider restaurants in Sachsenhausen.

The total length of the street is less than 1,000 meters, and the road is not wide. The car can go alone but can be parked on both sides. A green tree-lined walkway is about 2 meters wide between the building and the road. The sides are basically 5-6 floors. There are about 10 high-rise buildings. Judging from the color of the facade, it is estimated that the age will not be very close. In fact, these buildings were basically built after World War II, and the prestigious world-famous brand stores opened one by one. The ground floor of the building.

Frankfurt’s “Fifth Avenue” brings together international designer fashion brands of the season, including the works of famous designers Armani and Versace. In top jewelry stores such as Cartier and Tiffany, you can definitely find jewelry that matches the clothing. Also on this street are the works of world-renowned design masters and the studios of these masters, tailored to the so-called successful people. There are more than 60 such specialty stores on the entire commercial street, and the current situation is about seven or eight years.

The above is just a prelude. After seeing so many luxurious things and nothing to gain, the weekend market on the nearby street can really become a place for girls to vent their shopping desires, such as Schiller Street and Stone Street. Those cheap things make girls more impulsive. I’m afraid they will consume a lot of financial resources unknowingly. Male comrades need to bring more cash to go out.

When you buy, please see the logo on the product. If you do not specify “madeingermany”, it is likely that it is not of German origin. Tax refunds can be made for cash receipts in Germany that cost 25 Euros, but not every store can be tax refunded, so you need to ask before buying. There are two types of tax refunds. One is the tax refund at the customs, that is, about 10% of the refund, which is directly stamped at the airport customs to get money. Another type of store provides tax refund services in the store. It is necessary to stamp the tax refund form at the airport customs and then return the tax refund form to the German store. This method is difficult to operate, but the tax refund is 19% VAT refund.

9.Pacific Place, Hong Kong, China

Taikoo Plaza, Hong Kong, China is a comprehensive shopping mall with a total of three phases, which contains many luxury hotels, large shopping malls and serviced residences. There are many world-famous brands gathered here, and it is also considered to be the best-designed and most functional shopping place.

Pacific Place is located in Admiralty, the commercial hub of Hong Kong. With an area of ​​over 5 million square feet, Pacific Place is one of Hong Kong’s most prestigious shopping malls. The shopping mall adopts an all-weather design, with five floors (including a basement). The ground floor and the second floor are three large department stores and several brand-name specialty stores in Seibu, Masha and Lane Crawford.

In addition, there is a footbridge in the mall connecting the Admiralty Gallery and the United Centre. There is also a pedestrian walkway connecting the Admiralty Station and the third phase of Pacific Place. The traffic is very convenient. The mall also has a pedestrian elevator to connect with Hong Kong Park. The space is spacious, the environment is comfortable, and shopping and leisure options are all-inclusive. It is an ideal place for domestic tourists to shop, relax, eat and entertain.

More than 30 high-quality restaurants at home and abroad, offering unique characteristics from all over the world, including romantic French style, new Hong Kong style, Thai style flavor, authentic Japanese style, unique American style, etc.
If the female companion says she wants to play in Hong Kong, don’t think she really just wants to play. At this time, men can basically think that she is clearly suggesting that she wants to go shopping. If you If you don’t like to walk around with soft feet and can’t stand the crime of small hotel area, then hand over the small vault quickly and let her spend time with her girlfriends for a few days. Maybe Xiaobie really wins the wedding.

When choosing a hotel for shopping in Hong Kong, the location must be close to the city center, so that you can put it back in the hotel after purchase and go on the road easily. Make sure to make a list before going out. Electronic products are usually cheaper than the mainland. Try to buy them in large stores. Quality is guaranteed. After-sales service is in place. Many gold-branded agents have mainland guarantee services.


Not only is it a shopping mall, it is also an oversized casino. The most attractive tourist in it is the Dubai Ski Village, where visitors can enjoy the fun of leisure.

The Mall of the Emirates is not so much a resort as it is a big casino. Its scale is magnificent, and it has become a hit since its opening. It also has a Cinestar movie theater, a bowling alley, a gaming area, and a large number of shops.

The crystallization of the charm of the Mall of the Emirates is the Dubai (Scenic Spot Details) Ski Village. Dubai (Scenic Spot Details) Ski Village is one of the largest tourist attractions in the UAE. Visitors can enjoy the pleasant mood brought by skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing or simply snowball fight.

If you want to enjoy food while shopping, the Mall of the Emirates offers a wealth of options. Try Apres, a ski hotel-style venue for a simple drink or something like cheese. There is a Sezzam restaurant near the ski village of Dubai (scenic details), with a wide variety of cuisines from around the world. ButchersShop is an excellent restaurant imported from South Africa (Scenic Spot Details). The freshly-dried meat slices and steaks with excellent taste are definitely not to be missed.

The men simply let go of the female companions, because the slogan here is “the shopping has just begun …”, so it is better to slip a snow and play a video game, and it is rare to have a free time without spending time with the female companions Smiley.

It is completely possible to buy luxury goods within the scope of your ability. You must go to these ten places to buy luxury goods.

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