Travel essentials: make travel less hassle-free

The beginning of each trip is a collection of essential items. Here is a list of essential items for travel. Make your trip smooth from the start.

1、Suitcase or backpack

Travel essentials
  • [18 inches] can be taken on a plane, and the size is suitable for 1 person traveling about 4 days (international boarding size, within the length and width and height of 115CM)
  • [20 inch] is suitable for one person traveling about 7 days. A 20 inch suitcase refers to the sum of the length, width, and height of the suitcase. The most common size design of the box is length 50 * width 34 * thickness 20cm,
  • [22 inches] must be checked, suitable for one person traveling around 7-10 days
  • [24 inch] must be checked, suitable for 2 people traveling about 7 days. A 24-inch suitcase refers to the sum of the length, width, and height of the suitcase, which must not be greater than 135cm. This is the standard boarding suitcase size prescribed by the aircraft. The most common size design of a 24 inch suitcase is 60 × width 38xthickness 28cm. It is the most commonly used suitcase. It has a medium size and can hold the right amount of items, not too many or too few.
  • [26 inches] must be checked, suitable for 2 people traveling for about half a month.
  • [28 inch] must be checked, suitable for family travel. The 28-inch suitcase refers to the sum of the length, width, and height of the suitcase, which must not be greater than 158cm. This is the standard size of a 28-inch boarding suitcase. The most common size design of a 28-inch suitcase is 70 × 48 × 30cm in thickness, which is a relatively large-capacity suitcase.
  • [30 inches] must be checked, suitable for family travellers, overseas travellers and blood fight families. 30 inches is the largest free shipping size for international shipping. The sum of the three sides is 158CM, which is also marked internationally. If this size is exceeded, additional shipping charges will be charged.
  • [32-inch] A 32-inch suitcase refers to the sum of the length, width, and height of the suitcase, which must not exceed 195 cm. This is the size of a standard boarding trolley case prescribed by a domestic aircraft. 32-inch suitcases are not too common in size, and most of them need to be customized. This is also the size of suitcases. At present, only Samsonite suitcases have such a large size. The 32-inch suitcase is most suitable for people who need to travel long distances or travel by car. They have a lot of items, and ordinary luggage can’t fit.

2、Certificates and bank cards

Travel essentials
  • [Passport] color copy for backup (open separately) electronic visa printing for backup
  • [Card] Credit card, bank card (multi-currency card for overseas)
  • [Inch photo] Two sheets of 1 inch and 2 inch each
  • [Driver’s License] Original translation required
  • Student ID: International student ID must be obtained in advance
  • Cash, bank card: bring some local currency

3、Electronic equipment articles:

Travel essentials
  • [Mobile phone] charger
  • [Camera] Backup battery Charger Backup memory card Lens paper
  • [Mobile Wifi] Charger
  • [Power Bank] Charger
  • [Noise Cancelling Headphones]
  • [Navigator] Pad
  • [Selfie Stick]
  • [Conversion plug] Essential for going abroad
  • [plug strip] need to use several devices at the same time
  • [Electric kettle] The smallest stainless steel is 600ml
  • [Notebook Computer] Power Cord
  • [Tripod] Scenery, Selfie
  • [Mobile Hard Drive] Connect
  • [Car Power] Connection
  • [gopro] Connect

4、Clothing and shoes

Travel essentials
  • [scarves]
  • [Aircraft Pillow]
  • [Disposable Slippers] For Long Flight
  • [Eye mask + ear plugs] People with poor sleep
  • [Underwear] Underwear, underwear, socks
  • [Good-looking clothes] for taking pictures.
  • [Practical clothes] Waterproof, windproof and sunscreen, comfortable to wear during exercise, often sweating / hiking: quick-drying clothes
  • [Warm clothing] Down jacket, front pants, thermal underwear, fleece
  • [Places with sand] masks, gauze, masks
  • [Swimming] Swimsuits, swimming trunks, goggles, swimming caps and snorkeling breathing tubes
  • [Shoes] Wear a pair, bring a pair, slippers
  • [Sun umbrella]
  • [hat] sun protection

5、Hygiene products

Travel essentials
  • Toner, essence, lotion, cream, eye cream, mask
  • Sunscreen, barrier cream, air cushion BB, loose powder …
  • Makeup remover + cotton pad
  • Shampoo, shower gel, soap
  • Protective pads and girls preparing sanitary napkins
  • [Toothpaste, toothbrush] dental floss
  • [Towels]
  • [Comb]
  • [Razor] Shaving cream
  • [Paper towels] Dry and wet paper towels
  • [Waterproof sealed bag] Several plastic bags
  • [Water Cup]
  • [Sunglasses]
  • [Contact lens] Nursing solution
  • [Sewing kit]
  • [Folding plastic washbasin] It is very hygienic and convenient when you need to wash small pieces of clothing.
  • [Pillow towel]
  • [Disposable Toilet Cover]
  • [Insulation pot] You need to bring one for self-driving. It can be filled with hot water in cold weather and ice cubes in hot weather. In summer, you can also bring a thermal insulation bag with an ice water bottle to prevent food from spoiling.

Note: Each piece of cosmetics such as luggage must not exceed 100ml


Travel essentials
  • [Cold medicine] When taking medicine, pay attention to whether it is prohibited by other countries
  • [Gastrointestinal medicine] stomach medicine, antidiarrheal medicine
  • [Sickness medicine]
  • [Anti-inflammatory drugs] Amoxicillin, Azithromycin, Cephalosporin
  • [Analgesic and antipyretics] Fenbide
  • [band-aid]
  • [Mint Cream] Anti-mosquito bites + Itching
  • [Anti-allergic drugs]
  • [Alcohol cotton] or portable iodine cotton swab to disinfect wounds
  • [Hemostasis] Yunnan Baiyao
  • [Soreness] Plaster, Shujin active oil
  • [Eye Drops]


Travel essentials
  • [pen] Fill in the immigration card
  • [book] personal notes, travel diary, handbook
  • [Travel guide] such as lonely planet, own handwritten guide
  • [Coffee, Tea]

8、Camping articles

Travel essentials
  • Tent: (size according to the actual number of people) a place with little rain can prepare a single-layer tent, which can withstand less than 2 ~ 3 hours. In the rainy season, choose a double-layer tent, which can generally resist light rain for 7 ~ 8 hours.
  • Moisture-proof pads: the wear-resistant layer is divided into single and double layers, there are flat faces and egg nest faces, there are inflatable pads, choose according to your requirements.
  • Sleeping bag: a must-have for camping in the wild, including down, acrylic cotton, and thread weaving, depending on the weather.
  • Camp lights, flashlights: night travel and overnight stays are required. You can also choose a headlight, which is very convenient.
  • Stoves: There are gas stoves, vaporizers, alcohol stoves, etc. in the choice of stoves, which is very useful in places where wild fires are prohibited. Foreign campsites are generally equipped with barbecue grills, without stoves, and local supermarkets can buy firewood and charcoal.
  • Bucket pot: a set of pots specially designed for mountain camping. Three large, medium and small pots are set together, and a small bowl, spoon and small tea cup are also attached.
  • Water bag (pot): Indispensable equipment for outdoor activities. After all, the camp is always a distance from the water.
  • Fuel: If you don’t want to use the stove as a decoration, remember to bring it with you, as well as lighters and moisture-proof matches.
  • Food: canned picnic, bread, instant noodles, biscuits, must-have. You can also buy rice, kebabs, grilled meats, snacks, etc. at the local supermarket.
  • Knife: You cannot leave the road or cut it. You can bring a machete to the wilder places, and you usually bring a multipurpose Swiss army knife.
  • Ancillary equipment: compass, map, anti-mosquito liquid, etc.

9、Other matters needing attention

(1)、Items that cannot be carried in checked luggage include: lighters, power banks, and various batteries. For alcoholic items below 24 degrees (including 24 degrees), there is no restriction on the transport volume; for alcoholic degrees between 24 and 70 degrees (inclusive), the total amount of delivery must not exceed 5 liters; The above cannot be handled.

Talk about how the wine is checked, it is best to set several layers of bags to ensure that it is sealed well, once broken, it will not stain the contents of the box. Then wrap it with layers of clothing or other pads to isolate vibration. Declaring fragile items when checking in will put a fragile logo on your box, and the rest depends on luck. It is recommended that the boxes be divided into different categories. Use a few bags to carry your own clothes so that it will look good when opened and will not be contaminated with bath liquid.

(2)、The carry-on luggage can be carried:

  • Charging treasures with less than 20,000mAh (no more than two),
  • A single container with a volume of no more than 100 ml and a total volume of no more than 1000 ml, including cosmetic shampoo and the like. Otherwise it should be checked. Pay attention to this rule for flights with baggage charges.

(3)、No carry-on luggage:

  • Lighters, knives, odorous foods, fruits, wine, and beverages. Civil aviation regulations prohibit passengers from carrying flammable and explosive liquid items.
  • Patients with diabetes or other diseases can carry liquid medicines necessary for the flight, but they must show the hospital certificate or doctor’s prescription in their own name; liquid dairy products carried by passengers with infants are allowed to carry the flight after confirmation by the security inspection. .
  • Passengers are prohibited from carrying firearms, military and police equipment, controlled knives, flammable and explosive materials, and drugs on the plane.

(4)、Laptops, cameras, umbrellas, power banks, keys, and other electronic devices during security checks. All need to be checked out one by one. Liquid food and beverages need to be discarded.

10、Travel tips:

(1)、Travel is the long march of the feet. Pay attention to the height of the upper, the material of the sole, and the size when choosing.

(2)、It is recommended to wear comfortable sports shoes and flat canvas shoes, which are convenient for walking and comfortable to wear;

(3)、When packing the luggage, load the large items first, and place the heavy items underneath to facilitate the transportation. The clothes can be rolled up one by one, saving space and preventing wrinkles.

(4)、fragile items are wrapped with clothing or towels;

(5)、The size of the world is amazing. Asked to enter the country forbidden, and to follow the customs.

  • Cannot touch and trample on national and religious signs;
  • When traveling in areas that believe in Islam, you must pay special attention to taboos on halal diet;
  • Go to some unfamiliar areas and spend more time understanding the relevant taboos to avoid trouble and reduce misunderstandings.

(6)、The alley is deeper and the tickets are less.

  • The shops or restaurants specially built for tourists on the streets of tourist scenic areas are usually expensive because some of them do not plan to return to business;
  • Don’t buy tourism at first sight. Generally speaking, it will be more affordable in the future. There is no need to worry too much about this shop.

(7)、A roll of fresh-keeping bags, the journey is more fragrant.

  • summer travel, many things can not be washed and dried in time, the smell is large, mixed with other things will also cause string smell, so bring a few fresh bags with you can be used to hold socks and intimate clothes that can not be washed in time;
  • Fresh-keeping bags can also pack many items at will, saving a lot of trouble.

(8)、Bring your own towel, safe and healthy.

  • Although the hotel towels have been cleaned, it is difficult to guarantee that the previous guests did not use the face towels for other purposes, and bacteria are inevitable;
  • For friends who love hygiene, they must take a face wash.

(9)、Two types of valuables that are easy to miss:

  • Gold and silver jewelry and watches: For safety, some passengers place them under pillows or mattresses, and the next day they go quickly and forget to take them;
  • Wallet or mobile phone: When sleeping, the mattress moves, and the items fall in the gap between the bed and the wall. The hidden corners are not easy to detect.

Find out what you want to take before you travel, so that you do n’t panic during the trip and take it easy. Take the travel list to travel.


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