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Many well-known tourist cities have a common problem, that is, people who can’t help but suffer from dense phobia, even if it is not in the tourist season, crowded people’s physical feeling is very poor. Today I will share with you 7 beautiful and niche tourist attractions in the world.


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Georgia is located on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus, bordering Russia to the north and Turkey, Armenia, and Azerbaijan to the south.
I recommend Mestia and Holy Trinity Cathedral to Georgia.

Mestia is known as a skier’s paradise, located in the heart of Georgia’s oldest and most unique Svaneti.

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The Holy Trinity Cathedral is located on the left bank of the Mtkvari River on the Mt. Ilya in Tbilisi. It was built in 1995-2004. It is the most built cathedral in Georgia since the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

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More than 30 kilometers east of Rome, the picturesque town of Tivoli lies on a hillside on the banks of the Agnene River. As early as the 2nd century BC, it was not only a resort for ancient Romans, but also attracted many emperors and nobles to build villas and detached palaces here. Villa Este, built in the Renaissance, is Tivoli’s most famous tourist attraction. In 2001, it was included in the World Heritage List by UNESCO.

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In addition to the fountains everywhere, the Villa Este built on the mountain has 255 waterfalls, 60 spring eyes, 100 ponds, 200 flower beds, and thousands of trees. The garden stretched slowly down the natural terrain. The various indoor halls facing the garden are filled with huge paintings showing the history of the Este family and reflecting the myths and legends of the old city, and some fine art works depicting the scenery of Tivoli. This magnificent “Baiquan Villa” has long become a must-visit for foreign tourists in Rome today.


The Republic of Seychelles (Seychelles for short) is an archipelago country located in the Indian Ocean in East Africa. On June 29, 1976, Seychelles declared independence and established the Republic of Seychelles, a member of the Commonwealth. Half of the entire area is a nature reserve, enjoying the reputation of “tourist paradise”.

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Seychelles is located in the western Indian Ocean. It is composed of 115 islands. It has beautiful scenery, and more than 50% of the whole area has been designated as a nature reserve. It enjoys the reputation of “tourist paradise”. Rank third.

The Seychelles are typical Creoles. On the Independence Avenue in the city center, a sculpture of three flying seagulls stands, symbolizing that the people of Seychelles come from Europe, Asia and Africa. In Seychelles, people of different skin colors and religions live in harmony and people live in peace. It is interesting that even the president never met a foreign guest in a suit and tie, and a short-sleeved shirt was a problem. In this place, no one can get up officially, and no one can get busy, making those from busy cities envious.

If Seychelles is a paradise on earth, May Valley is the Garden of Eden in this paradise. Located in the heart of Praslin Island, May Valley is the smallest natural heritage in the world, covering only 19.5 hectares. Famous for its more than 7,000 sea coconut trees. But in addition to sea coconuts, there are many unique flora and fauna in the world, which is called the Grand View Garden.

Mahe Island is the largest island in Seychelles. When you set foot on Mahe Island, you will see a scene like this: the strange peaks and valleys, soaring.

4.Pantanal Wetlands

The Pantanal wetland is located in South America, which is rich in species and diverse in nature. It is a habitat for many wild animals and can only be reached by water during the rainy season. In the pink early morning, flocks of birds fly by, plants Among them is the silhouette of wild animals rushing through, and in this world’s largest freshwater wetland, you can feel the pulse of natural pulse.

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Although most travelers are more familiar with the Amazon rainforest next door, this huge wetland at the border of Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay is also rich in species. The Amazon rainforest is famous for its many Brazilian endemic species, but the 652 bird species, 122 mammals, 263 fish species, 480 reptiles, and 1132 different butterflies in the Pantanal wetlands are dazzling.

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From the marsh deer who likes swimming to the iconic naked-necked storks of the Pantanal Wetlands, as well as the Brazilian giant otter, capybara and other wild animals, they will always excite travelers. If you can find wild animals in the crevice shadows of the trees in the Amazon, then you have the opportunity to observe them closely.

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In addition to rich species and better viewing, there are some special surprises in the Pantanal wetlands. “Rio Adventure” not only brought Rio de Janeiro to fire, but also attracted more attention from the blue macaw. This rare bird, considered by many to be almost extinct in the wild, can still be seen here. In addition to rare birds, this is also a good place to see jaguar. The most dominant large predator in the South American jungle often appears in the Porto Jofre area in the northern part of the wetland. When the healthy figure and beautiful pattern appear in front of you, you will think this is the best moment.

5.Mill Castle

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Mir Castle, located in Mir Town, Grodno, Belarus, is an outstanding example of Central European castle architecture. It combines artistic styles of various stages (Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance), thus creating extraordinary historicity. remains.
This very romantic 16th-century castle overlooks a small lake at one end of the town.
Occupied by the mighty princes of Lacyville, it has been protected by UNESCO since 1994.
It looks like a remake of Disneyland and looks very cute. In addition to the gorgeous courtyard and renovated interiors, there are also large-scale exhibitions about the times and lives of Lacyville.

6.Wang Lian Cafe

Wang Lian Cafe is located in Phuket, Thailand. The picturesque here, Wang Lian all year round is great, like a secret garden. This is a more Thai style architectural style with amazing scenery.

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Store Name: Ma Doo Bua
Address: 310/51 M.1 Baandon-Cherngtalay Rd Thalang District, Phuket
Location: About 20 minutes drive from the airport. The cafe is inside AT Panta Phuket Hotel.
Opening hours: 11: 00-22: 00
Admission: Free
Transportation: Transportation is not very convenient, it is recommended to take a taxi. If you choose to drive by car, Phuket is right rudder and left, cafe has free parking here.

Photo Tips: The store can help take pictures, charge by head, and more people have packages. The drone aerial photography in the store is the best looking angle, a characteristic boat in the middle, Wang Lian full screen. The store will help you with aerial photography. If you bring it, you can take 4,000 baht once. The pose of the girl will guide you, and the composition is good.

Note: You need to make an appointment in advance for the photo service. It is better to pass in the morning. The light will be better. Register on the right hand side of the door to choose which photo to take and pay in cash. Only on weekends can you take aerial photos. The staff will take you in the queue, and the staff will take you to shoot when it is time for you. King lotus leaves in the lotus pond can stand on the leaves to take photos. One leaf is used as a boat, but it will weigh before the shoot, with a maximum weight of 130 kg.

Food: The food here is made from the roots of Wang Lian. It is locally sourced and decorated with lotus flowers. It is very Thai-style cooking. You can try it.

Photo prices:
Boat: 1 person: 500 baht; 2 persons: 800 baht; 3 persons: 1,000 baht; 4 persons: 1200 baht
Wang Lian Ye: Stand on the King Lian Ye to take a picture, 350 baht per person.

In-store consumer photography must use cash, so please prepare cash in advance.

7.Hokin Shrine Oku

Address: Togakushi, Nagano, Japan, 381-4101
Transportation: You can take a bus from JR Nagano Station to Togakushi Campsite for about 1 hour to 1 hour and 10 minutes, and get off at Nakasha Miyazaki Bus Station. The attractions are still relatively remote, and it is more convenient to rent a car to drive by yourself.

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The beautiful scenery in Japan always makes people yearn for it. The cherry blossoms, maple leaves, and white snow all make this place different.
The white snow and cedar trees of Nagano interweave such a magnificent scenery. The towering cedar trees stand tall on both sides, majestic and imposing. Snow white embellishment adds a fairy tale color, beautiful.

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When you walk along the road for about 1 km, you will pass through a gate that follows God, and after another 1 km, you will reach the shrine, making it all full of pious ritual.

There are always many well-known tourist sites. People seeing the scenery and seeing people moving and taking pictures are all other people’s figures. Today I introduce to you 7 beautiful and niche tourist attractions in the world, like friends Consider taking a walk-and-go tour.

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