What is it like to travel?

Different people have different destinations, different experiences, different experiences, and different travel experiences.


Netizen StreetSpirit:
Understand that there is no so-called natural correctness and absolute political correctness in this world. It is able to accept different perspectives and derived thinking methods of others. After all, in addition to rice noodle bread, there are still people in the world whose staple food is potatoes, beans, corn , Barley, quinoa, moss bran, and even fried bananas.
A monogamous society, polygamous, polygamous, and even a matriarchal clan; some worship God, Buddha, Mohammed, and some worship the Mother Earth, Haile Selassie, and rivers that turn into giant anacondas God.
Disobedience in one person’s eyes may well be justification in the eyes of another person, and I think that travel brings the greatest benefit to people, that is, they can think differently and look at issues in a neutral and inclusive manner.


Netizen Xiao Bobo:
It ’s a mountain, you have to climb. How boring it is to see from the foot of the mountain;
You have to go down to see the sea. You can’t see the big fish just by staying on the beach;
It’s snow, you have to go skiing. If it’s snowing so much, you won’t feel so blind if you just play snowball fights?
France, Switzerland, Italy have Alps, skiing and climbing paradise;
Banff National Park of Canada is also a great place for climbing and skiing;
In addition to tango, Argentina also has the Iguazu Falls;
Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America, and Alpine climbing the holy land of Patagonia;
And of course the Antarctic portal Ushuaia;
In addition to delicious food in Japan, you can also ski in hot springs;
Maldives has not only sunny beaches, but also the best diving spots in the world;
Spain not only has Gaudi and Loewe, but also the world’s top climbing venues;
Not only does Norway have Aurora, but also wear drysuits to see wild killer whales …
I can continue to list such parallels, there are too many and too many things I haven’t seen, and life is so short, you have to go see it?


Netizen Lee @@ :
If you do n’t go to Versailles in France, you do n’t go to the Moulin Rouge; if you do n’t go to Switzerland, you do n’t go to the snowy mountains, you do n’t go to the Great Barrier Reef to see the corals by plane. No experience.


Netizen @Zhang Sanfeng:
I guess I feel tired, dirty, and so many countries are full of wildness. Lament the beauty of the world, ugly, natural, desolate.


Net friend a friend:
Yesterday, I met a rich man from Zhoushan in the scenic spot. It is said that I joined the 233 club before I knew that there are so many countries in the world. But why do you want to pursue numbers? But the rich must have his point.


In fact, traveling is about seeing more places and discovering the different cultural characteristics, historical details and natural scenery of each place. Feelings during travel can be shared in three ways.


1、Look at humanities

If you understand the religion and history of the mainstream countries in the world, you will find that the major human landscapes in most countries, such as various churches, temples, various war defense measures, various royal courtyards, are either related to religious beliefs. Or it has something to do with his history. After you understand his religious beliefs and historical stories, you may feel similar when you look at these buildings, but because they are different from place to place, they are very different.


This depends on what I like. You can watch a national derby at the Allianz Arena after punching the Munich City Hall. You can also go to the Chef’s Academy to learn how to cook paella at the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. After finishing Machu Picchu in Peru, try the locals as a daily food and eat 70 to 80 million roast guinea pigs every year. You can also go paragliding and watch the rivers and mountains at high altitude after watching Jungfrau in Interlaken, Switzerland.
Because in addition to where you go to check in to every place, there are many experience projects that can allow you to see the local culture farther.
But sometimes, we do n’t know.

3、Experience changes life

Traveling more often may change your life, such as going to Japan on the weekends, going to Europe on a long vacation to feed and feed the pigeons, all these become possible. Those who have been there know that they only need to buy an air ticket, and those who have not been may still have to do a lot of strategies.
The development of technology will make your communication more convenient, and the growth of travel experience will make you more selective, farther, and wider, and you can calmly face those sudden choices.


In fact, there are various reasons and fetters for various trips, but the reason for wanting to go is particularly simple, that is, wanting to go.
Everyone’s concept of travel is different. Some people think that even if they have taken a few photos there, some people think that they need to experience it in depth. Neither is wrong.
Because you will encounter all kinds of people and things during the trip, which will relax your body and mind, and even make you an interesting person.

Should I save money or travel?

What can travel bring us?
Travel can make your life more colorful and full of spirit.
We can collide with different cultures, meet different people, and let us have different feelings.
However, after all, travel is only a part of life, it is just a bonus for life, not a required item. We don’t need to make our lives difficult because we are going to travel. After the trip, after all, we have to return to the real world.

Therefore, we still have to work hard, not to save more money, but to make more money and travel better.
In this way, we will not eat instant noodles in the Maldives or wait for others at the foot of the Swiss Snow Mountain. If you don’t want to go with the group, you can charter a few friends for a tour. If you look good, you will stay longer. If you are tired, you will return to the hotel.

someone said:

Travel, there are triple realms.
First, see the world. We set out to see the distant scenery.
Second, see sentient beings. We need to see what kind of life people in the distance are living under the same blue sky.
Third, see yourself. After walking so many roads, watching different landscapes, and meeting different people, we finally wanted to figure out what kind of life I want to live. What kind of life am I going to live.

Have you ever traveled? What is your travel experience? Write your travel experience in the comments section!


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