What to play in Macau? Play hotel!


This historic city of Macau attracts people to travel to Macau
Going to Macau, transportation and documents are easy
But it ’s still a headache to choose a hotel, because the hotel here is really [too much too good], making it difficult to choose

In terms of service, there is no need to worry
Macau Hotels Carry Out [Luxury]
Whether it’s facilities or services
But each has its own unique points
As long as you choose according to your preferences, it is the best
Here are some of the most representative hotels in Macau. I hope it will be helpful for your trip in Macau.

Lisboa Hotel-Old Macau Logo Casino

Price: ¥ 655-¥ 1929 (Based on the average price of standard rooms)

A long time ago, the landmark impression that Macau left to people was that except for the Grand Semba Torii, the Lisboa Hotel that appeared countless times on the movie screen. Lisboa has been synonymous with this city.

“Millions of silver medals were thrown in the doorway of the city.” Macau, known for its gambling industry, and Las Vegas in the United States and Monte Carlo in Monaco are also known as the world’s three largest casinos. Australians refer to casinos as “casinos.” The Lisboa Casino in Macau is an old name for Macau hotel casinos. The interior of the hotel is brilliant and breathtaking.

Even though it is already a very period hotel, the luxury temperament brought by Lisboa has not weakened, and there is a golden bustling decoration all the way from the lobby to the elevator.

If you want to experience the luxury of old Macau, living in the old landmarks of Macau will also be a great experience. The key is that the price is very good.

City of Dreams-Unique Dancing House

Price ¥ 985-¥ 3175 (Based on the average price of standard rooms)

City of Dreams brings together casinos, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and is a rich and diverse comprehensive hotel project.

Comprehensive is her advantage, and every service can achieve the top in Macau hotels. It has the only Macau’s 50 best restaurants in Asia-Yulongxuan, the most eye-catching “Water Dancing Room”, the largest children’s playground in Macau, KIDS Dreamland, and the most Michelin restaurants.

The theme of “Water Dancing Room” is a love story that travels through time and space, a collection of high-tech, light and shadow, dance drama, difficult acrobatics ~ 360-degree loopback visual effects, visual effects “super gorgeous”, special pools, etc. using the most advanced equipment .

Fancy high-altitude diving, slick and handsome speeding motorcycles, beautiful and cool human chandeliers, stunned cartilage skills … Every day, many people come to take a special trip to see, there is no moment in the entire performance. Shock and spectacular degree absolutely wall crack recommended ~

Parisian Hotel-Romantic Paris Tower

Price ¥ 1035-¥ 2506 (Based on average price of standard room)

Have a romance in the Venetian, want to feel a strong French style? No more flying!
The Parisian Macao is designed with half the proportion of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This place is almost a little Paris. It is full of French art. Everywhere you look, it is the best background for taking photos and punching cards.

If you haven’t climbed to the observation decks on the seventh and thirty-seventh floors to enjoy the magnificent view of Cotai Strip, it will be a trip to Macau for nothing. In the evening, in this magnificent and glittering tower, an extremely exaggerated fantasy light show will be staged.

The hotel’s unique Eiffel room allows you to see the tower as soon as you open the curtains. The rooms are mainly simple European style, spacious and bright, clean and comfortable. Every night, the lantern is first played, and the fireworks show is romantic and dreamy.

The Venetian Resort-Gondola Tour

Price ¥ 1239-¥ 3273 (Based on average price of standard room)

European-style architecture, small arch bridges, grand canals, street performers … nothing wrong, this is the largest hotel in Macau-The Venetian!

The Venetian Resort is based on the theme of Venetian Water Village. The hotel area is full of Venetian architecture. If you want to experience the feeling of going to Venice in Macau, you must check in at this hotel.

The Venetians are best known for the characteristic Gondola boat river. The Gondola boat is exquisitely Venetian. Here, you can experience the gondola journey. Listen to the boatman singing and sitting on the gondola and swaying through the canal. Among them, do not have an experience.

Morpheus Hotel-Technology Dream Space

Price ¥ 2949-¥ 6202 (Based on the average price of standard rooms)

For Macau, the Morpheus Hotel is a brand new landmark. Just six months after opening, it has captured the hearts of many hotels. “TIMES” even called it “The Best World Attractions 2018”, and it is also the only six-star hotel in Macau.
Super-technical design, the entire hotel is a dream space. Morpheus, fought by the late architect Sir Zaha Hatty, reflects Zaha’s usual boldness.

The three hollow designs in the center of the hotel are the focal point of the building. This is simply a futuristic space. The hollow space composed of three horizontal swirls makes the public space in the hotel unique.

In the hollow structure, inside the atrium, several covered bridges cross it, becoming a unique space connecting the hotel restaurant, bar and guest lounge.

The twelve glass elevators in the atrium pass through the hollow structure of the building and board it to admire the gorgeous space in the hotel from a highly flowing perspective.

“All themed hotels in the world already exist in Macau. Only one theme is missing, and that is design!” And Morpheus made up for this regret.

Galaxy Hotel-Water Park

Price ¥ 1154-¥ 3808 (Based on the average price of standard rooms)

The Broadway Hotel in Macau uses the Broadway Theatre as its theme, and regular performances or concerts are also a landmark with characteristics!

This is the only outdoor super-large water park in Macau. With its large area and many patterns, it is a place to check in. Here is the world’s longest air rapids, transparent water slides, 360-degree views of the water.

Want to leave the sexiest beach lineups, then come here. There are two 150-meter white sand beaches with a total length of 575 meters. The most eye-catching is the transparent design waterslides. Free swimming ring is provided to let you drift lazily.

Wynn Palace Hotel-360 ° Cable Car

Price ¥ 1563-¥ 5455 (Based on the average price of standard rooms)

This is a flower-themed hotel. The giant flower sculpture, carousel, and Ferris wheel, made by internationally renowned flower designer Preston Bailey with thousands of fresh and immortal plants, are launched every season.

These works celebrate flowers as a symbol of beauty, reinterpreting magnificent memories and redefining luxury and elegance. If you think this is already romantic, then Wynn Palace will surprise you even more.

Wynn Palace is known as “the most romantically arrived hotel in the world”. It doesn’t climb the mountain and it also allows you to make a cable car, just to take you to the sky to see the view of Macau’s largest musical fountain and Taipa.

The sight-seeing look of Macau from a 360 ° aerial view on the cable car is both exciting and pleasant.

MGM Hotel-Interior Art Garden

Price ¥ 1450-¥ 4456 (Based on the average price of standard rooms)

Just like the Parisian Eiffel Tower, the Venetian Gondola, the Grand Canal, the aerial tramway and music fountain of the Wynn Palace are major features. MGM’s biggest feature is the world’s largest indoor art garden.

The Expo Plaza in the heart of the hotel has a vast space, combining innovative technology and natural arts. LED screens show guests the magnificent nature of mountains and rivers, and change in response to tourists’ actions, weather, time or seasons. Natural plants create inexplicable novelties.

MGM is also an open art museum. The MGM COTAI Art Collection contains more than 300 top-level art treasures, which perfectly integrate with MGM MGM’s internal public space. Here you can admire antique carpets from the Qing Dynasty, modern and contemporary Asian paintings and sculptures by famous artists, and much more.

MGM is determined to integrate the world’s culture through the “Mei MGM Art Collection” and incorporate many innovative Chi Mei fine arts into various entertainment experiences.

At first glance, hotels in Macau are brilliant and cannot be separated from the Macau gaming industry. But once you check in, you can experience different humanistic care, from hotel facilities to staff services, which will make you feel at home. Of course, hotels in Macau are more than that, there are many hotels worthy of staying waiting for you.


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