Where to stay in Macau?Sands Macau

Sands Macau

There are many hotels in Macau, from five-star luxury hotels to budget hotels. Signature hotels in Macau, such as The Parisian Macao Hotel and The Venetian Macao Hotel, will definitely not let you down. But today I want to recommend you to Macau Sands Hotel.

Sands Macau
Sands Macau

Checking in or checking out is inevitable when you check in to a Macau hotel. Looking at the long queue, are you anxious? But recently the Sands Hotel Macau has perfectly solved this problem.

The “Smart Hotel” in Sands Macao has applied a series of operations using the increasingly mature artificial intelligence face recognition technology in recent years from the application of check-in to check-out, which perfectly solves the waiting problem of check-in or check out. It makes you happy to check-in And leaves easily.

When you step into the Sands Macao Hotel, you don’t need to go through the front desk, you can finish the face check-in before the self-service machine; when you come to the door of the room, you don’t need a card to open the room with face recognition; after entering the room, The room will immediately open the curtains, and set the environment settings such as temperature and humidity; when you want to leave the hotel, after checking out on the mobile app, close the door and leave the hotel. This intelligent and personalized management And services improve hotel operation efficiency, allowing customers to check inconveniently.

The technical basis of the intelligent system ecology of Sands Smart Hotel in Macau is face recognition technology.

Based on face recognition technology, it can create an overall face-brushing ecosystem from before, during, and after check-in.

Through face recognition technology, hotel guests can verify their identities by swiping their faces when they check-in at the hotel, enabling self-check-in, eliminating the manual procedures of check-in, and improving the guest experience.

Face recognition real-name registration system has built-in face recognition, face comparison, live detection, ID card recognition and other technologies to achieve rapid entry of passenger identity information, and through high-precision face, recognition to verify identity, video intercom supplement, and other technical means to confirm The identity greatly reduces the probability of “false document check-in” and improves the efficiency of hotel guests in check-in procedures.

If the documents held by Sands Macao passengers are not their own, the system can immediately distinguish the truth from the false and the passengers will not be able to check-in.

The most important thing is that the operation process is also very simple. When passengers register at the front desk, they provide ID cards to scan and register, automatically enter information in sequence, and synchronously wake up the camera on the face recognition system to capture the facial features of passengers and their image information It will be collected and compared with the photos on the ID card to identify the passenger’s identity and verify whether the personal identification is consistent.

This move of the Sands Macao hotel makes the customer’s check-in experience more perfect, making your trip to Macau from the beginning of your stay at a Macau hotel a pleasure, and the Sands Macao hotel itself is a playful hotel. The beginning of your trip to Macau starts from staying at the Sands Macao hotel.


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